Team Patterson/Nicollerat
Spelling -  We are working on Week 5 spelling words this week.  We will have a test on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Math -  We are continuing to work on Chapter 2 (Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers) this week.  Your child must show their work in order to receive credit for their math (homework or test). Please continue to have your child practice using  multiplication flashcards or on

English - We will be studying sentence types this week. 

Reading- We are working on a Non-Fiction passage, Tourette's Syndrome, this week .

Please remember to have your child complete his/her 20 minutes of nightly reading.  We have many students who are working on a book for more than a week.  If they are reading the nightly amount each night, they should be reading at least one book per week. If your child does not complete his/her nightly reading, this will result in a strike.  This is the same as a homework assignment.

Social Studies  - We will be studying our Missouri Studies Weekly newspapers this week.  We are learning important facts about our state.

Please continue to sign your child's planner and book-note each night.  Your child will receive a strike if these are not signed.

Please also make sure you sign the Tuesday Folder each week.