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Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break with their loved ones. The kiddos were all smiles Monday morning and had a lot to share about their time off. I was so happy to see their smiling faces!

Phonics: We worked on blending and sounding out words. (CVC) Ex: tub, bag, vet

Reading: We are learning to use our powers to read. Changing our voice to match characters, stretching out tricky words, and making our sounds match the letters we see. We are working on our reading powers: sound power, pointer power, picture power, and listening power. This will continue into next week as well. Stations this week were:

Read to Self: We read books and looked for our sight words. When we found a sight word we read it out loud and then wrote it on a post-it note and put in in it's section on the bulletin board.
Word Work: CVC Words: Look at the picture card, match the word card,  write the word and draw the pic.
Listening: Listened to stories.
Teacher Table: We worked on blending words and taking words apart one sound at a time.

Math: We reviewed addition. Next week we will begin #'s 11-20.

Writing: We are working on Informational writing. We wrote about and discussed butterflies. Next week we will work on Polar Bears and our last piece will be about penguins.

Science: We reviewed living and non-living things and took our Science test! Next week we begin our unit called, Things That Go!

Upcoming Dates:

16th: Papa Johns Night
20th: No School
21st: No School for students (Prof. Dev) 

7th: Mid qtr
10th: Bobo's Pizza Fundraiser
14th: Friendship Party
20th: Papa John's Night
24th-28th: Book Fair
25th: Family Night (5:00-7:00)
26th: Grandparents Morning (7:30-8:20)
28th: Father/Daughter Dance @ the Service Center (6:00-9:00) 

Sight Words: List #10

List # 1   List #2       List # 3     List #4  List #5       List #6

I    the          a   to          have    is           in   it          we   at        he   for
List #7    List #8     List # 9     List # 10  
see   no    so   an    can   and     do   up      

* We will run on an A, B, C, D  specials schedule. 
A) Library-keep book in bookbag
B) PE-must have tennis shoes on 
C) Music
D) Art

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