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Please make sure that your child's sight word booklet is in their binder. It makes testing go much quicker and smoother is helps me to see each students list they are currently on. Thank you so much!

Looking for classroom donations if anyone is able to help out! 

Donation Items: 
dollar store headphones
single color stamp pads
2 games of Trouble

Thank you to those who have donated items! It is greatly appreciated :)

Check out your RAZ room for reading!

Book reports can be done on a library book or from a book that you have at home. Please do not use the Nightly Reader books for book reports. 

Leveled Readers will be in binders Monday in the Nightly Reading Folder please make sure you are reading nightly with your child. I only send new ones home once I gotten their book from the previous week turned in. 

Practice Sight Words nightly! 

* We will run on an A, B, C, D  specials schedule. 
A) Library-keep book in bookbag
B) PE-must have tennis shoes on 
C) Music
D) Art

*My email:

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