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The kiddos have a book report form in their binders. You can send it in when it is completed and I will hold on to it. Please be sure to have your kiddo draw the picture and write what needs to be written. If they are not the ones doing the work I can not count it towards their number of book reports for the year. 

Make sure that you are cleaning out binders everyday and initialing the date. 

We will test over lists 1 and 2 next Friday. (There is a sheet in your child's binder to practice at home). They need to write and read the sight words.  Please continue to work on list 1 as well. I have them read from list , as well as the current list we are working on each time I test them.They will have to read the word to me off of a flash card (in no particular order) and write the word.

We are still working hard on our names. Please be sure to practice these at night with your child. They need to have a capital to begin there name and the rest are lowercase. It is super important that we are using our lines correctly as well. This will be a practice all year. We have learned about the letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. We wrote them and came up with things that begin with that letter.We also learned that words have syllables or parts. We learned how to clap them out and sort them based on how many syllables or parts they have. 

This week we learned the color: Yellow

If you have not sent in headphones please do so. Make sure they have your child's name on them.

* We will run on an A, B, C, D  specials schedule. 
A) Library-keep book in bookbag
B) PE-must have tennis shoes on 
C) Music
D) Art

*My email:

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