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A huge thank you to everyone that came and helped out for the field trip! The kiddos had so much fun and were full of stories and smiles the rest of the day Wednesday! The weather wasn't perfect, but it was definitely better than yesterday!

We added list 7 for sight words/accountability words this week. We will test over these in the next week or so.

Please be sure to clean out your child's binder and initial the day's date each night. Thank you!

Please be sure to practice name at night with your child. They need to have a capital to begin there name and the rest are lowercase. It is super important that we are using our lines correctly as well. This will be a practice all year. We are reviewing all 26 letters of the alphabet. We also talked about ending sounds this week. We will continue with this next week and will work on blending sounds together to make words.

* We will run on an A, B, C, D  specials schedule. 
A) Library-keep book in bookbag
B) PE-must have tennis shoes on 
C) Music
D) Art

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