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I sent home an ABC Countdown to participate in starting today (Monday April 15th). It is completely up to you if you send in/dress/etc with what the letter of the day is. Just wanted to do something fun for the end of the year!

We are getting closer to the end of our Sight Word books. Not only will you have to read the sight words, you will also need to spell them correctly and read them in a phrase. Once they have completed the first book, I will be testing them on those two things. Please make sure that your child's sight word booklet is in their binder. It makes testing go much quicker and smoother is helps me to see each students list they are currently on. Thank you so much!

Looking for classroom donations if anyone is able to help out! 

Check out your RAZ room for reading!

Book Reports are due May 1. They are expected to have 13 completed. Let me know if you need anymore forms sent home. 

Practice Sight Words nightly! 

* We will run on an A, B, C, D  specials schedule. 
A) Library-keep book in bookbag
B) PE-must have tennis shoes on 
C) Music
D) Art

*My email:

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