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Ms. Nic


I am ONE of  several Special Education Teachers at Fox Elementary. I currently teach Communication Arts to grades K-6. For the past 5 years, I have had the privledge of wearing Fox Rocks apparel.  Previous to my red and black days, I wore blue for the Hamrick Huskies.  I worked at Clyde Hamrick Elementary for 2 years as a Special Education teacher. Stretching all the way back to the beginning, I worked my first 2 years at Lone Dell Elementary, where I serviced Speech and Language Disabilities. This is my 9th year in the district, and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Earning multiple degrees and teaching in several different types of classrooms has prepared me to be able to effectively teach in multiple settings.

BA Speech and Language Pathology
MAT K-12 Cross Categorical Disabilities

Ms. Nic's Classroom Rules:
1.All students are required to read every night and get a signature. If folder is forgotten at school, parents may send a note stating the child read. It is the child's and parents responsisbility to get the folder signed.  Depending on grade level, the student will move to yellow or get a strike if the reading log is not signed.
2. All students are required to behave appropraitely in class by following all KAHFAOOTY rules.
3. Students are required to RESPECT teachers, staff, other students, themselves and school property.

K-3rd Grade Classroom Rules
-All students start at on green
-First warning student moves to yellow and owes 5 minutes of free time
-Second warning, student moves to red, loses free time and gets a note in their planner
-Third warning, student moves to purple, note in planner, student is required to fill out a "Character Reflcetion." Student, teacher, and parent are required to sign the sheet.

4th-6th Grade Strike Rules:
1. Nightly reading log not signed
2. Assisgnment notebook not filled out
3. 2 warnings for misbehavior, 3rd interuption results in a strike
4. 5 strikes - DETENTION

            Student’s Weekly Responsibilities:

            1.  Sight words – only have to be recognized “fast as a snap. 
                They do NOT have to spell these words.
Spelling words     
            3.Fluency (1st Grade) – The students will be given a poem and will need to
able to read the poem back to the teacher after working on it all week.
Vocabulary Treasures Test (2nd & 3rd Grade) – each child will complete the                 worksheet Monday and will have all week to study the exact test.

  1. Nightly Reading Log – parents, guardians, older siblings, babysitters, ect can sign the reading log.  Each week night, the child will bring home a book and is required to read for 10 minutes.  If your child forgets a book or their folder, anything will do.  Just write the book on the line and sign it, or send a note.  Your child will be rewarded by how many signatures they get.  If your child forgets their folder at home, a substitute folder will be sent home and both folders need to be returned the following day. 

*Tests will always be on Fridays, unless we are off.  Then, it will be given on Thursday. .
*AR tests are allowed to be taken in my classroom during free time. However, if we do not have time, the student will need to take them in their homeroom.