Mrs. Crocker's Page

Mrs. Crocker's Class News - Week 4/23 - 4/27

Word of the Month: Positive Attitude Communication Arts/Balanced Literacy: Reading, Writing, & Grammar, etc. - weekly sight words -  reading non-fiction & fiction 
-  leveled readers
-  Meet the characters:  books w/the same character
-  cont. practicing:
-  Story Elements:  characters, setting, problem, 3 main events, & solution
-  Fairy tales:  change characters, setting, problem, solution 
-  Daily 5:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, & Writing

Writing:  Nonfiction
-  Opinion Writing
-  Narrative writing
Words Their Way - Spelling
-  WW26:  ir, ire, ier - birth, girl, shirt, hire, tire, wire, flier, frier, pliers, third
-  WW 27:  or, ore, oar - corn, fork, more, store, boar, roar, soar, work, world, worm
-  LN42:  vowels w/final blends - mask, milk, lost, soft, just, must, past, desk, left, fist

Science/Social Studies
-  Earth Day
-  Recycling - Send in recyclable items by Friday.  Students will turn it into something new!