Mrs. Crocker's Page

Mrs. Crocker's Class News - Week 11/20 - 11/21

Word of the Month: Peace Communication Arts/Balanced Literacy: Reading, Writing, & Grammar, etc. - weekly sight words -  reading non-fiction
-  leveled readers
-  Read about Thanksgiving    
-  Daily 5:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, & Writing

Writing:  Nonfiction
-  Write about Thanksgiving
Words Their Way - Spelling
-  LN sort 15:  ch, sh - chop, chill, chin, chip, chat, ship, shell, shot, shop, shy
-  LN sort 23:  pr, tr, dr, br - print, trap, trip, trot, drill, drum, drag, drip, bran, brag

-  WW sort 13:  oa - clock, shop, crop, note, joke, store, coat, float, soap, toad

Math:  Subtraction Strategies
-  Math workshops - math practice
Science/Social Studies
-  Thanksgiving