Mrs. Crocker's Page

Mrs. Crocker's Class News - Week 2/20 - 2/23

Word of the Month: Integrity Communication Arts/Balanced Literacy: Reading, Writing, & Grammar, etc. - weekly sight words -  reading non-fiction & fiction - Olympics & Presidents
-  leveled readers
-  cont. practicing:
-  Readers keep track of who's talking as they read
-  Readers don't just read words, they understand words
-  Readers use everything they know to get the job done QUICKLY
-  Readers investigate ways to make their reading sound great
-  Daily 5:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, & Writing

Writing:  Nonfiction
-  Opinion writing
Words Their Way - Spelling
-  WW23:  ar, ir, or, ur - dark, harm, sharp, dirt, first, corn, horn, curb, curl, hurt

-  LN34:  ank, ink, unk - blank, sank, bank, thank, think, link, wink, junk, sunk, dunk
-  LN23:  pr, tr, dr, br - print, trap, trip, trot, drill, drum, drag, drip, bran, brag
-  LN24:  k, wh, qu, tw - kid, kit, kin, whip, when, quill, quilt, quiz, twig, twin  
Math:  Count & Model #s to 120
-  Count by tens to 120
-  Understand tens and ones
-  Make tens and ones
-  Tens 

Science/Social Studies
-  Olympics
-  Presidents