Mrs. Crocker's Page

Mrs. Crocker's Class News - Week 10/16 - 10/20

Word of the Month: Respect Communication Arts/Balanced Literacy: Reading, Writing, & Grammar, etc. - poetry - blend poems, rhyming, word meaning - weekly sight words -  leveled readers
-  Nonfiction:  Take a sneak peek to learn more about the topic
-  Studying one page to learn, guess what might come next 
-  Readers learn more by chatting about what's happening
-  Readers reread to make sure they understand their books
-  Work on fluency & intonation - make voice smoother and livelier 
-  Daily 5:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, & Writing

-  Making Revisions - Narrative Writing Checklist
-  Studying Author's Craft:  ellipses, exact action, POP out words
Words Their Way - Spelling
-  LN sort 11:  ip, ig, ill LN sort 12:  ug, ut, un
-  LN sort 19:  sp, sk, sm LN sort 20:  sc, sn, sw
-  WW sort 6:  short & long o  WW sort 7:  short & long u

Math:  Subtraction Concepts
-  Use pictures to show taking from
-  Model taking from
-  Model taking apart
-  Problem solving/ Model subtraction  
Science/Social Studies
-  Bats