Mrs. Crocker's Page

​Mrs. Crocker's Class News: 10/1-10/5

Word of the Month: Respect ​​​​Balanced Literacy:
-  Read w/partner, Computers (Epic,) sight word practice
-  Lucy: (cont.)
Drop Bad Habit, Pick up Good Habit
Look at All Parts of Words
Readers Use Meaning to Figure Out Words
Readers Double Check Their Reading
Readers Don't Give Up, They Try, Try, Again 
-  Behavior & Expectations when in groups
-  Leveled Reading
Words Their Way RED -  LN Sort 9:  short a - ad, ap, ag    
- sad, bad, mad, cap, map, tap, bag, rag, tag, wag

ORANGE -  LN Sort 18:  s, t, st 
- sun, sit, tag, top, step, still, stop, stump, stomp, stun
YELLOW & BLUE -  LN Sort 22:  cr, cl, fr, gl, gr  
- crab, crop, clap, clip, frill, fret, glad, glum, grill, grip
-  WTW Workshops   

Writing -  Alphabet writing book - practice proper letter form
-  Lucy Calkins Writing: 
Partnership & Storytelling
Reading Our Writing Like we Read Our Books
Unfreeze Our Characters & Our Writing
Telling Stories in Itsy-Bitsy Steps
Bringing What's Inside Out - Feelings

Math:  Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies
-  Make a ten to add
-  Use make a ten
-  Add 3 numbers
-  Use addition strategies 
-  Johnny Appleseed
-  Fall
-  Life cycle of an apple