Mrs. Crocker's Page

Mrs. Crocker's Class News - Week 12/11 - 12/15

Word of the Month: Caring Communication Arts/Balanced Literacy: Reading, Writing, & Grammar, etc. - weekly sight words -  reading non-fiction
-  leveled readers
-  practice non-fiction reading habits
-  Daily 5:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, & Writing

Writing:  Nonfiction
-  Editing:  spelling, capitals, and punctuation
-  Writing Table of Contents
-  Organizing non-fiction writing
Words Their Way - Spelling
-  LN sort 17:  sh, ch, wh, th - shot, ship, shop, chin, chat, chill, when, why, that, then
-  LN sort 18:  s, t, st:  sun, sit, tag, top, step, still, stop, stump, stamp, stun
-  LN sort 25:  at, ot, it - that, bat, mat, flat, not, cot, dot, grit, pit, fit
-  LN sort 26:  an, en, in, un:  fan, man, plan, chin, grin, win, hen, pen, run, fun

-  WW sort 15:  o-e, oa, ow, old - rode, those, groan, road, blown glow, glow, cold, pole, told
-  WW sort 16:  u-e, oo, ui:  bump, skunk, crude, prune, bloom, spoon, tooth, bruise, cruise, juice
Math:  Subtraction Strategies
-  Identify related facts
-  Use addition to check subtraction
-  Number bonds

Science/Social Studies
-  Holiday activities
-  Polar Express - Friday wear pajamas