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‚ÄčMrs. Crocker's Class News - 5/21

Word of the Month: Trustworthy Dear Parents,
Thank you for a wonderful 25th year of teaching!  I am so proud of the students this year and all the growth they made in their education.  Most students moved up 6 to 7 levels in their reading.  In math, if they weren't already a mathematician, they put every effort into learning each concept with that never give up attitude.  Anything they didn't learn in class from Ms. Sauer or me in science and social studies, they read about in Epic or other non-fiction books in the classroom.  Again, thank you parents, for raising these curious, hard-working, and intelligent children!
Also, I must add how rewarding these students make and have made my job, because it is not the money.  I had students at the beginning of the school year that did not want to be at school and students that did not enjoy school.  However, these same students and more tell me how much they love school and love to read.  That is why I still love my job after 25 years.  I'm going to miss these wonderful kiddos.  Thank you for a wonderful year!
Mrs. Crocker