Bollinger's Class

Feb. 4-8 Rainbow Banner.png     Upcoming Dates___

Feb. 8: Q3 Mid term goes home Feb. 11: BoBo Pizza fundraiser starts Feb. 12: PTO Meeting 6:30 in cafe' Feb. 14: Friendship Party Feb. 18: No School- President's Day Feb. 21: Papa John's Night Feb. 22: Father/Daughter Dance Feb.25-March 1: Book Fair Week

Rainbow Banner.png Sight Words List introduced so far : List 1, List 2, List 3, List 4, List 5, List 6, List 7, List 8

Blackboard With Letters.png
This week we worked on the letter  Cc.
We are working in class with all 26 letters and sounds but mostly focused on Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, Tt, Pp, Aa, Nn, Mm, Ii, Ss, Ff, Rr, Kk, Bb, Uu, Zz,Cc, Ee, Yy, Dd  They should also know how to correctly write the letters and placement on the line. 

Phonics Rules:

C and K rule: 
K- if the letter following is E,I or Y
C- if the letter following is A, O, U or any consonant. 

**If a vowel is followed by a consonant we mark the vowel with a breve and the sound is short.  We are sounding out words such as:  hog, log, 

**If a vowel is followed by TWIN consonants, we cross out the second twin and only say the sound of one. 

We are working on:
* Rhyming words
*Compound words
*What a sentence is and being able to count how many words are in a sentence. 
*beginning sounds of words
*Ending sounds of words 

Number Animals.png
Math: We just tested the kids on numbers up to 20. The kids are now ready to learn about addition! :)  ___________________________________________________________

  The kids are really working hard applying their knowledge into their writing.  We do whole group writing as well as individual writing. The kids should be able to sit down at home and write multiple sentences about a given topic.  We practice daily in class.  See what your child can do for you. 

Reading Rotations:  The kids are working very well with their independence and quality of their work. 


Block Schedule: A-Art B-Library (keep books in the book bag when you are not reading them so the kids always have it) C-PE D-Music