Bollinger's Class

Sept. 17-21 Rainbow Banner.png     Upcoming Dates___

Sept. 28: Family Night: Outdoor Movie- Sponsored by PTO Blankets will be sold for $25. Oct. 1-5: Book Fair Week Oct. 2: Family Night 5-7 Oct. 3 and 4th Grandparents Book Fair and Breakfast morning 7:30- 8:30 am. Oct. 12: Last day of First Quarter Oct. 25: No School for Kids Parent teacher conferences 12:30-7pm

IMPORTANT INFO: *Make sure you clean out the binder nightly and initial behavior chart nightly!! *Book Report forms: Make sure your child is completing this work and return each week. Every Library day we will get a new book report. *Nightly Reading should be done and signed in the Black Folder *Practice Sight Words every night

Rainbow Banner.png Sight Words introduced so far :  List 1: List 2: List 3: I he at am for be the me this little with from a she or to see one have look had is they by we you words it of but in are orange

red yellow blue

Blackboard With Letters.png
This week we worked on the letter  Tt.   The kids are working on words that begin with the letter Hh.
We are working in class with all 26 letters and sounds but mostly focused on Ll, Oo, Gg,  Hh and Tt.  They should also know how to correctly write the letters and placement on the line. 

Phonics Rules:
If a vowel is followed by a consonant we mark the vowel with a breve and the sound is short.  We are sounding out words such as:  hog, log, 

We are working on:
* Rhyming words
*Compound words
*What a sentence is and being able to count how many words are in a sentence. 
*beginning sounds of words
*Ending sounds of words 

Number Animals.png
Math: We are currently working on how to write our numbers correctly on the line 0-10. We are also focusing on shape names and their attributes. The kids will be able to identify how many sides and vertices each shape has by the end of the shape unit. I will be testing the kids on Tuesday.  ___________________________________________________________

  We worked on how to write the letter Tt correctly on the line.  
This week we created our FIRST book.  This was whole group instruction and writing the sentences together and creating a picture to match their sentence.                       

Reading Workshop Rotations:
Read to self: completing a WOW page:  My favorite part 
Listening: Using Chromebooks and listening to stories read aloud
Word Work: Playdoh station 
Technology:   ABC/Math Learning Apps. 


Block Schedule: A-Art B-Library (keep books in the book bag when you are not reading them so the kids always have it) C-PE D-Music