Bollinger's Class


We worked on twin consonants this week. Twin consonants only make one sound in our word, it follows a short vowel. (cuff, mutt, fizz, dress) We also worked on the digraph ch and sh. We are learning that they work together. (ch-chin, chip, such / sh- ship, shop, wish) Reading:

We are working on sound power. Making sure that our word looks right, sounds right, and matches the letters. We are also practicing ending sounds -ing, -s, and twin consonants. We read books at our independent reading level, working on fluency. Math: We are working on subtraction; we know that subtraction means to take away. We are learning about the minus sign and the placement of numbers in a subtraction sentence. (First number: how many items we have all together, Second number: what we are taking away, and the Final/Last number: how many we have left.) 6-4=2 etc.


We are finished our opinion pieces! We know an opinion is how we think or feel, there is no right or wrong. We have to back up our answers with reasons why we feel/think this way. (ice cream vs brownie) (winter vs spring) Science: We have built our galimotos and reviewed forces of motion. (push/pull-cause/effect)

Upcoming Dates:

March: 11th: Spring Pics
16th: Fox Idol-canceled
17th: Bobo's Pizza Pick up (3:45-6:00) -Wear Green for St. Pat's Day!
18th: Papa John's Night
19th: No School (P/T Conferences)
20th: No School
27th: Mother/Son Event - Epic 6 (6:30-8:30)

1st: Skate Night 5:30-7:30
2nd: Light it Up Blue- Autism Awareness (wear blue)
6th-10th: Spring Break
13th: School Resumes 
15th:Volunteer Luncheon
16th: Papa John's Night
17th: Mid Qtr / Blood Drive

May: 4th: Elementary Track Meet
8th: Fun Day 
13th: Kickball- Teacher vs Student and Sno Cone Day
14th: Kindergarten Awards Day @ Rickman 9:30-11:00
15th: Last Day 1/2 day 12:40