Team Young ---Ready to SHINE in 4th Grade!

Week of April 16th

School Notes:
April 27th FES Blood Drive 3-7 in the cafe

Literacy Block: MAP REVIEW
Continue to incorporate whole group and small group within our Reading/Writing Lessons - weekly scoring guide will be used for D5

We will use Scholastic News for Nonfiction Shared Reading.
Teacher Read Aloud: Fablehaven
Writing:  Opinion/Debate

4th Quarter Fiction/Nonfiction Books: Students are required to read and pass (80% or higher) 2 Fiction books and 3 Non-fiction books per quarter. Each test is worth 10 pts and will be taken as a grade.(50 points total) Your child will also be given the option to reflect on their book instead of using AR.  Your child will be given a 4th Quarter Reading Log in their planner.  Please monitor your child's independent reading by visiting our AR program online from home and checking the reading log.  

Spelling and Vocab Words : Week 11 New Words  
Pretest/Spelling City Activities/Google Spelling/Post Test
We will test on Friday, April 27th 

Math :
 Chapter  10: Two Dimensional Figures 
Please remember...  The front of our student practice page will be used for guided/extra practice with teacher.  The back page will be used for a grade.  (6/6=100%, 5/6 = 83%, 4/6=69%, 3/6=50%)  Students need to do their best each day to keep up their grade!
 Please be sure your child shows their work on lesson pages and refers to their BIG Math Book for help.  No work shown results in no credit and a note in the planner, so this is very important.  Students can also use their Math Notebook to help them with their homework. This notebook will include sample problems from the lessonl.   If you ever have a question about math, please email me. 

 Please continue to practice multiplication and division fast facts at home.   Students will struggle if they do not master their fast facts. Their assignments will take longer to complete, and their grade will be affected. 

Science: We will continue to journal our Tomato plants. We will not be using Science Newpapers at this time for Science
Soc Studies:  Week 15 - Missouri Compromise
Our lessons will cover a two week period and a quiz will be taken at the end of the two weeks. 
Your child will keep the Missouri Studies Weekly Newspaper in the back pocket of their red folder.  Please take the time to look over and possibly read some together. Your child cannot lose this newapaper, it will be used to take grades, and I do not have extra copies.There is an online component to Studies Weekly that they can log on to at home/school.

Please review papers coming home in the daily folder with your child and talk to them about their progress. Be sure your child completes any unfinished work and returns to school the next day, this is very important to our class routine!  We do not want to spend too much time trying to locate work or making extra copies. No name papers will have to be redone or a zero will be entered as the grade.

You can access our school calendar by following the link below:

Websites that your child can access at home for extra practice and to keep up with their progress!
Google Account - Google Classroom(D5, Spelling, and Math)
Tyler Parent/Student Portal- check grades/attendance(lunch code/full birthday) 
Think Central/Go Math- practice skills we are learning or review skills
Science and Social Studies Weekly- earn points with Revere
Scholastic News- Read, watch videos, play review game(young502)
Spelling City- practice your words with fun activities
Typing.Com or Dance Mat Typing- practice keyboarding skills
AR/Home Connect- check AR progress and STAR Reading
RAZ Kids- read online texts
Study Island- practice ELA and Math skills- assignments given and rewards for completion